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Mobile Layer: 2012 County Boundary (ID: 1)


Display Field: NAME

Layer Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: The North Carolina Geodetic Survey developed the GIS data set, County Boundaries, surveyed to facilitate planning, siting and impact analysis in the 100 individual counties of North Carolina. This file shows some of the boundaries of counties which have a completed boundary survey but the majority of lines have not been surveyed. Also some boundaries cannot be surveyed in cases where boundaries are coincident with river centers. Refer to the 'County Boundary as Lines' to find out the source of the lines using the field attribute for 'DESC'. Most of the lines currently are from the DOT county maps which originally come from USGS but might have been updated by the county parcel maps.

Feature Dataset:

Feature Class:

Min. Scale: 9244648.868618

Max. Scale: 0.0

Extent: Fields: