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Service Description: High Quality Water/Outstanding Resource Water Management Zones: The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Quality in cooperation with the NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, developed the GIS data set, High Quality Water and Outstanding Resource Water Management Zones, to enhance planning, siting and impact analysis in areas directly affecting waters considered as having excellent (high) water quality or designated as an outstanding resource. Point and non-point source pollution management strategies are applicable to these waters. Zones in North Carolina were developed from NC DWQ Stream Classification Schedule, October 1, 1992. The 1:100,000-scale streams classified as "HQW" or "ORW" had a one-mile buffer generated around them. If the watershed boundary was closer than one mile, the ridge line was digitized from 1:24,000-scale topographic quads and superseded the one-mile buffer. The coastal HQW streams had a 1/2-mile buffer generated - with ridge lines added as needed. The coastal streams classified as "ORW" had a buffer generated around them of 575 feet. Stormwater Reference: The NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA) collaborated with the NC Division of Water Quality (DWQ) to develop a geospatial representation of stormwater permitting responsibility across the state. This reference layer represents permitting authority (local, state, multiple, or none) based on Phase II stormwater legislation, as well as other state and local programs that impose stormwater requirements. This dataset is based on the best available datasets as of the publication. This dataset uses mapped boundaries of all of North Carolina's counties as a base layer.

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