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Layer: Urban Forest Priority (ID: 5)

Name: Urban Forest Priority

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Type: Raster Layer

Geometry Type: null

Description: Maintaining Viable Urban Forests (FIGURE 1b-5) The Maintaining Viable Urban Forests map shows areas of North Carolina that are essential for restoring, conserving, and maintaining healthy urban trees and forests. These lands are experiencing rapid urbanization, increased amounts of impervious surface, and a higher number of catastrophic storm events, while also having tree canopy potential to offset the negative impacts of land-use change. These urban forestlands also have high values for energy conservation and improved air quality. Many municipalities within the priority areas manage their urban forests with limited resources and lack one or more of the components necessary for a sustained community forestry program. Coordinated planning and management of urban forests across jurisdictional boundaries will require new partnerships and initiatives at municipal, county, and statewide levels.

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