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snippet: NC OneMap map service containing Geodetic Control Points.
summary: NC OneMap map service containing Geodetic Control Points.
extent: [[-84.4349771492639,33.7292229448638],[-75.2339108174998,36.610419598807]]
accessInformation: NCCGIA
thumbnail: thumbnail/{2F84C613-5FA9-4472-9C6F-82C12D40AE9D}.png
typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Map Service","ArcGIS Server"]
description: Geodetic Control Points: The North Carolina Geodetic Survey in cooperation with the NC Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, developed the GIS data set, Geodetic Control Points, to identify points in North Carolina depicting horizontal and vertical survey control locations as fixed by the NC Geodetic Survey.
title: NC1Map_Geodetic_Control
type: Map Service
tags: ["geodetic control","horizontal","vertical","control"]
culture: en-US
name: NC1Map_Geodetic_Control
guid: 53F69059-77A9-416E-8F3A-9DE7278CABE8
spatialReference: NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_North_Carolina_FIPS_3200